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Market Mapping

What is Talent Market Mapping?

Talent Market Mapping is a unique research project that has been designed in order to help you understand the organisational structure of a company of interest. By completing a Market Map, you will be able to effectively understand the talent that is available with a particular product line, location, function or even across an entire industry. Our team of highly trained researchers will work by identifying all relevant candidates for your position. They will also present various organisational structures from every target company across a range of agreed locations and teams. This will provide you with key information such as names, job positions and reporting lines throughout the industry Here is what you can expect from our market mapping services.

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Clarification of Candidate Requirements

By completing a market map, you are able to effectively learn about the different vacancy requirements for your business, which will allow you to select the best candidates for each position. This will help to ensure that you avoid recruiting the wrong individuals, which would otherwise have a detrimental impact on your daily operations.


Better Understanding of Industry Incentives

Through detailed analysis of a particular market, you will be able to understand the different incentives that are being used to attract the best upcoming talent. You are then able to use such incentives within your own recruitment process to find the most appropriate, highly skilled individuals for your own vacancies.


Insight into Successful Company Structures

We can help you to research the different company structures of growing businesses as well as the individuals within them. This will help you to understand their various strategies, as well as the different ways in which they are driving growth


The Ability to Set

Realistic Benchmarks

By analysing the marketplace, you are able to set a number of realistic standards for your business. By doing so, you can set a number of different objectives and benchmarks for potential growth in the future without being unrealistic or too optimistic.

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